Disclosed! Secret UFO Program discussion by Steve Bassett and Grant Cameron Part 2

Disclosed! Secret UFO Program discussion by Steve Bassett and Grant Cameron Part 2

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See part I here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohzrWD5bNUc&t=230s

Further conversations by Steven Bassett of PRG and Ufo Reporter Grant Cameron take place on a LIVESTREAM in January 2018 about the explosive New York Times Release re: Pentagon Secret UFO Research conducted by the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program .

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Lopez has been reaching out to the public most of her adult life regarding many subject matters that revolve around government secrecies such as GMO’s, UFO Sightings, Morgellons Disease ,and Chemtrails, just to name a few. Lopez opened the online tabloid ‘The Truth Denied’ back in 2010 and has since acquired worldwide attention because of her global stance against Geoengineering (aka Chemtrails). Pat MacReynolds, anchorman for CBS news interviewed Lopez in 2011 on the secret geoengineering and weather modification programs. CBS later released 5 articles and 2 film debuts on the subject, basically debunking the phenomenon. Pat MacReynolds, later publically stated Lopez was “credible, factual and courageous”. Other subject matters that Lopez covers are GMO’s, Monsanto, Fracking, environmental health hazards, Morgellons Disease, Agenda 21 & 2030 , Gang stalking and illegal government surveillance programs that are increasingly on the rise. She covered the Hillary/Trump campaign in 2016, The North Dakota Pipeline, Government hearings on chemtrails, and continues her efforts to educate readers in support organic food.
Lopez hosted her own radio show for nearly 4 years, and the library of information can be found at THE TRUTH DENIED RADIO SHOWS on You Tube. Lopez is a published author and recording artist. She has appeared in documentaries, and has been interviewed by KPHO, LA TIMES, CBS NEWS, David Icke, along with countless other radio and TV talk shows.

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