Jazzhands McFeels – The End of DACA

Jazzhands McFeels – The End of DACA

Jazzhands McFeels is the host of Fash the Nation, a popular Alt-Right podcast focused on American politics.

Jazzhands joins us to discuss the Trump administration’s recent decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, otherwise known as DACA. We begin by outlining the history of this controversial program, which Barack Obama instituted via an executive order. Jazzhands then explains how DACA works. Switching gears, we consider the approach Trump has taken to end the program. With a six-month window before DACA ends, we ponder the various ways in which things could play out. The show covers much more, including the BRIDGE act, illegal immigrant criminality, and whether or not it is appropriate to refer to DACA recipients as “dreamers.”



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