Roundtable – June 6th: The National Day of Sweden

Roundtable – June 6th: The National Day of Sweden

June 6th: The National Day of Sweden

A panel of Swedish patriots join Henrik for a roundtable discussion on the National Day of Sweden, June 6th, and what it means to most Swedes today. On the panel: Ingrid Carlqvist, Daniel Frändelöv AKA Conrad, Stefan Jacobsson, Marcus Follin AKA The Golden One, and Christoffer Dulny.

A video version of this show is available here.

Our show begins with Ingrid arguing National Day, unlike Midsummer, isn’t a particularly important day for most Swedes. We then discuss how National Day is used by progressives to welcome foreigners into Sweden. Marcus reminds us that all people of European heritage are facing a similar threat, and thus share the same destiny. Switching gears, we discuss the cyclical nature of civilization, and how times of great struggle often lead to rebirth. Later, we consider the importance of metapolitics, with Marcus stressing the need for more Alt-Right art and music. Our show also explores the demonization of Swedish men, healthy gender relations, and much more.



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